Developing Missional Business in Asia

Developing Missional Business in Asia

Missional Business (MB) seeks to affirm the dignity and meaningfulness of work and the cultural mandate to meet real needs in the society through good products or services; to benefit the local community through job creation and poverty alleviation; to strengthen the formal economy and generate taxes for local infrastructure-building.  The gospel of Christ demonstrated through for-benefit enterprises and shared in word can lead to churches planted by the local believers, which makes for a truly indigenous and sustainable church community. 


“In a recent visit to a creative access nation, I visited with business leaders and their businessmen fellowship, full of excitement and energy.  Many of these business leaders with million-dollar enterprises drove me around in their Mercedes and BMWs, and attended to me with generous hospitality and great humility.  As they declared their passion for God and their faith, I noted that they were also hungry for faith development as well as coaching in business management.   I was treated to tea in their offices and given a glimpse of their factories and buildings, to the envy of their associates who said that these were places not accessible to them.


At an evening meeting, I heard the president of the business fellowship encourage these CEOs to have pastors on their boards to help them with chaplaincy and accountability. One promising CEO also announced that by God’s grace, if his business should flourish, then he can retire and become a pastor to serve God in ministry.   Wow! He has surely gotten my eyebrow raised… Is serving God in fulltime ministry as pastor or missionary the highest calling for a Christian?


When the opportunity came for me to share my heart, I challenged these captains of industry with the vision of missional business, which is not merely tentmaking to develop self-supporting ministry nor making money to support missions.  It is also not engaging in the marketplace with the sole aim to evangelise colleagues and win business associates to Christ. ”  ~ Mr Lawrence Ko, National Director, Singapore Centre For Global Missions


MB is a much needed gospel vision of transformation which helps business professionals to realize that their engagement in the marketplace is an expression of their response to God’s high calling in their lives as Christians.  Their business can be missional too when they express their new life in Christ and witness to the goodness and love of God through their daily work.


As Singapore churches and Christians whom much has been given, it is only right for more believers to respond to God’s calling and gifting as business professionals by participating actively in missional business.  We can help change the world through the work we do, especially if we can invest in needy communities and empower the economically poor and help them know that God does provide for their daily bread and answer their calls for help.

SCGM will be organising Missional Business training seminars/workshops in March and April 2015 as well as Missional Business trips for business leaders and investors interested in SE Asia, East Asia and India in May, June, Sep and Nov 2015.  For more information, please email

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5. It is never too early to wonder about life. Many of the missionaries asked questions even when they were young. Some of them experienced bullying, disappointments, unhappiness and even family problems when they were young. They learnt about the purpose of their lives when they started talking to parents, pastors and teachers in church. Do you talk to your parents and teachers about your hopes and fears?
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