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A Personal Invitation from the National Director to Journey with us…

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Join us in our journey of Christian service as we learn together how to pray for the world around us, how to serve the world “full of very wounded people” as Christian disciples, and how to mediate the compassionate and loving Presence of God in our present age, especially in the Asian milieu.

  • Corporate members … join as a Church / Christian Organization / Mission Agency!
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We will engage with and invite missiologists and strategic thinkers to share at our SCGM events and platforms to help disseminate the best of missiological strategic thinking and best practices in Singapore and encourage more local missions thinkers to emerge.

We are active participants of the following global missions networks and movements:

• Global Conversations – World Evangelical Alliance (WEA), Lausanne Movement, Global Network of Centres for World Missions (GNCWM), Int’l Council for Higher Education (ICHE)

• Missions Movements – 4/14 Windows, Creation Care, Business as Mission, Diaspora, Ethne

He came to serve, not to be served…