NEXT 4/14 Global Summit (14-16 MARCH 2018)

Join us for the 4/14 Window Movement’s 5th Global Summit! During this future-facing event, participants will explore how children and youth are a valuable component of every local church community and strategy. This gathering will inspire everyone to consider what is NEXT for children and youth, and for the Church.

The Summit will be a platform to showcase case studies, effective examples, and research presented through high-quality videos, speakers and other learning experiences. This event will generate new advocacy content, artifacts, and resources to fuel the on-going work of the 4/14 Window Movement around the globe.

We will have the opportunity to encourage, support and challenge one another, as well as invite others in to witness and share in our values and passion for children and youth. The Summit will be a chance to engage church and ministry leaders, decision-makers, and influencers with the critical message of the 4/14 Window Movement.

Registration is still open!

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1. Out of the 10 inspiring stories of missionaries sent from Singapore, which story do you like best? Why?
2. Do you agree that God has given children a sense of curiosity and a mind full of imagination? At play, they explore the world they live in. The school, the church and the home can provide wonderful opportunities for children to learn about different people and cultures in the wonderful world God has created.
3. How many types of occupations can you list from the 10 missionary stories? Have you started to think about what you would like to do when you grow up?
4. Can you match the missionaries with their occupations? Whether you are a medical doctor or a dental nurse, a pastor or a teacher, a business leader or a community worker, you can serve God in missions using your special interest, talent and training.
5. It is never too early to wonder about life. Many of the missionaries asked questions even when they were young. Some of them experienced bullying, disappointments, unhappiness and even family problems when they were young. They learnt about the purpose of their lives when they started talking to parents, pastors and teachers in church. Do you talk to your parents and teachers about your hopes and fears?
6. Do you realize that God can use your childhood interests, experiences and education to be a blessing to the people around you? Whether it is learning about science, geography, or enjoying the fishing at the beach or making music, it takes hard work to become good at what you like to do. So work hard, play hard and enjoy your childhood.
Reading and Reflection Questions for Children