Can the Desert be Green?

Can the Desert be Green?


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Planting Hope in the Wilderness

By Lawrence Ko

The ecological crisis is an urgent and pressing challenge requiring an immediate and timely response. We seek to respond by creatively raising awareness, mobilising and deploying youths in the process of advocacy and education. Youths can help reduce the complex issues od climate change and global warmning into simpler selected topics for study and response, and thus actively share bite-sized information and practical ideas with their friends in schools and in the community.

We encourage creative action by young people as they mobilise their peers for action programmes such as service-learning journeys, youth expedition projects, youth forums as well as green desert kids club activities. These programmes owned and delivered by young people can unleash the creative energy and fresh ideas from within youths for greener solutions and sustainable lifestyles.

Through our humble tree-plating project in the desertified grassland of Inner Mongolia, we attempt to provide a simple prophetic and symbolic act to plant hope in the wilderness, trusting that there will be life in the wilderness and streams in the desert. Can the Desert be Green? Why not?

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