Urban Missional Business Forum 30 Sep & 1 Oct 2016



Urban Missional Business Forum 2016

DATE: Fri 30 Sep – Sat 1 Oct 2016

TIME: 9am – 5pm.

VENUE: Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church

Organised by: Singapore Centre for Global Missions

Supported by: Biblical Graduates School of Theology (BGST), Graduates’ Christian Fellowship (GCF), Operation Mobilisation Int’l (OM), Operation Hope Foundation, Trans World Radio Asia (TWR), Diocese Mission Board, Methodist TRAC Board of Mission, Bedok Lutheran Church, Calvary Baptist Church, Faith Methodist Church, Kum Yan Methodist Church, Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church.


Singapore Centre for Global Missions is organising a 2-day Urban Missional Business Forum scheduled for 30 Sep-1 Oct 2016.  This Urban Missional Business Forum focusing on Urban Poverty and Sustainable Development in the City. We hope to encourage the Church to explore issues of urban poverty as well as cultural and spiritual poverty especially in megacities in 21st C Asia.

This Forum is a follow-up of the last GoForth 2014 National Missions Conference where we discussed the need for the Church to be more engaged in the city to reach out to the urban poor and the migrant communities in the cities of Asia.  Since then, SCGM has published a copy of “Ethnic Rhythms: Life in A Global City”  (2015) with demographics of Singapore’s multi-ethnic populace, the issues we face in a global city (especially increasing xenophobia as in other cities) and why the Church needs to play an active role in welcoming the strangers among us.

The Gospel of Christ is holistic and the church needs to share the holistic gospel to the whole world demonstrating God’s care for the whole person and the whole community.  There is still a sacred-secular divide where churches are still focused mainly on evangelism and discipleship (the spiritual and religious programmes). How can the Church encourage believers to particulate in urban missions? Innovative ideas and programmes for job creation, economic empowerment and social change will be needed to address urban poverty. Creative arts, media and culture-making can help to forge values and grow the city with a soul. Active participation in civil society as well as reflective inputs into public policy making can help the poor and needy and promote a gracious and kinder society where the holistic gospel and love of Christ can be revealed among us.

We hope the Forum will gather pastors, business and missions leaders together to think about strategic and effective ways of engagement in the City, as we incarnate the Gospel of Christ at street level and learn how to use business enterprise for social, cultural, economic and spiritual transformation.




Dr Vinay Samuel, Director of Oxford Centre for Religion and Public Life and Vice Chair of the Board of Barnabas Fund UK and Barnabas Aid International global ministries. Vinay has been an Anglican pastor, theological educator and development trainer in India for 20 years before moving to Oxford UK where he set up a post graduate research and training centre. He helped to found The Bridge Foundation and has pioneered in developing enterprise solutions to poverty in Asia and Africa.


Ms Melissa Kwee, CEO of National Voluntary and Philanthropy Centre who has served also as Chairman of Halogen Foundation and President of UN Women Singapore, is the recipient of the Singapore Youth Award in 2007 and ASEAN Youth Award 2008 for her leadership and service. She is an anthropologist, researcher, educational programme designer, social innovator and most recently a catalyst in the private sector serving as Chairman of the investment firm for Capella Singapore and Vice President, Human Capital, at Pontiac Land Group.


Mr Sangeet Paul Choudary, Founder of Platformation Labs, is one of the leading global thinkers and co-chair of the MIT Platform Strategy Summit at the MIT Media Labs and an Entrepreneur-in-residence at INSEAD Business School, and a fellow at the Centre for Global Enterprise in New York. He is a frequent keynote speaker at leading global forums including the World Economic Forum and the G20 Summit 2014 events.




Registration Fee: $100. Special Rates for Pastors, Missionaries & Students: $50.

To Register online, please click on: http://tinyurl.com/UMBF2016

For enquiries, please email ching@scgm.org.sg



  Day 1
FRI   30 Sep 2016
9am – 5pm    
Day 2
SAT    1 Oct 2016
9am – 5pm  
9am Cityscape: Business, Job Creation and the Urban Dream Urbanism: Shaping the Urban Culture and the Soul of the City
Keynote Speakers

Melissa Kwee:
Business and the Urban Dream

Keynote Speakers

Sangeet Paul Choudary: Business Innovation Shapes Urbanism

Dr Vinay Samuel:
The Gospel, Business and the Urban Poor (Part I)
Dr Vinay Samuel:
The Gospel, Business and the Urban Poor (Part II)


Tea break Tea break

Panel Discussion:

Cityscape: Business, Job Creation and the Urban Dream

Dr Harvey Philips,
Ms Melissa Kwee,
Mr Robert Kee,
Mr Sin Boon Ann &
Dr Vinay Samuel

Lawrence Ko

Panel Discussion:

Urbanism: Shaping the Urban Culture and the Soul of the City

Dr William Wan,
Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah,
Mr Sangeet Paul Choudary,
Mr Benjamin Pwee &
Dr Daniel Koh Kah Soon

Dr Calvin Chong

1pm Lunch Lunch
2pm Workshops Workshops
WS1: Urban Poverty & Job Creation in the City

Dr Vinay Samuel,
Mr David Kwee &
Mr Timothy Liu

WS2: Urban Poverty & Shalom in the City

Dr Harvey Philips,
Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok &
Dr Chew Wee

WS3: Enterprise Development & Global South Initiatives

Dr Raineer Chu,
Mr Jonathan Watts,
Ms Saw Seang Pin &
Mr Robert Kee

WS1: Arts, Media & Urban Culture Making

Dr William Wan,
Dr Calvin Chong,
Mr Mark McClendor &
Mr Benjamin Pwee

WS2: Social Engagement and the Public Life

Mr Ronald Wong,
Dr Daniel Koh,
Dr Paul Ananth Tambyah &
Dr Vinay Samuel

WS3: The Digital Generation in the Internet of Things

Dr Harvey Philips,
Mr Sangeet Paul Choudary & Mr Jonathan Watts

4pm Reports from Breakout Groups Reports from Breakout Groups
4.30pm Closing Challenge:
Dr Philip Satterthwaite
Closing Challenge:
Dr Toh See Kiat
5pm End of Programme

End of Programme


Registration Fee: $100. Special Rates for Pastors, Missionaries & Students: $50.

To Register online, please click on: http://tinyurl.com/UMBF2016

For enquiries, please email ching@scgm.org.sg


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this brochure and all details were correct at the time of publication.  Information shown are subject to change without notice.

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