Entrepreneurship Training Day

The entrepreneurship training courses are designed to equip Christian business leaders who are interested to develop and employ missional business as a strategy for missions in urban Asia. 

ALL COURSES will be held on Monday, 23 November 2020 at various timings and locations. Please check course information for more details on venues, course fees and trainers by clicking on the topics below. 

All courses are limited to 20 pax to adhere with the safety management measures.

Trainings will be held on-site at decentralised locations unless otherwise stated, and safety management measures will be implemented according to government and venue host advisory.

Registration close on FRIDAY 20 NOV 2020 @ 11:59pm.


The Entrepreneurship Training Day is organised by Singapore Centre for Global Missions and supported by Asian Journeys Ltd & ITOL Asia Pte Ltd.


23 Nov 2020


9:00 am - 4:30 pm


Please see course information
Singapore Centre for Global Missions


Singapore Centre for Global Missions
+65 63398950
[email protected]

Transforming Communities through Employee Engagement

23 November 2020
@ One Pemimpin
(1 Pemimpin Drive #11-07 Singapore 014611)

This course teaches organisational leaders  on how to engage employees to contribute more, adapt quickly to everyday change and stress and maintain highly productive working relationships.

What You Will Learn:
  • Understand the principles of employee engagement to build highly productive, results-driven business teams;
  • Understand the root causes of poor performance, job stress and employee disengagement;
  • Evaluate your own organisation’s health and resilience and that of your employees;
  • Use wholistic engagement strategies to effectively manage projects and business teams.
TRAINING FEE: $120 per pax

Trainer’s Profile:

Ho Sun Yee
Managing Director, RT&Co Strategic Processes Inc.

Sun Yee has more than 40 years of management and leadership in the Singapore Armed Forces, the private sector as well as the people sector. He has lived and worked in Singapore, HongKong, Jakarta and the Philippines.

He graduated Number One from the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1978 under a Singapore government scholarship and obtained an MBA from the National University of Singapore before leaving the service.

He is a much sought after speaker on Strategic Thinking, having graced the Philippine National Defence College, Management Association of the Philippines, UP College of Education, Ateneo School of Government, and Rotary Club of Manila, among others. His notable clients include the Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Max’s Fast Casual Dining Group, Rockwell Land, Phoenix Petroleum, Reyes Tacandong & Co, Philippine Navy, Philippine Marines and Export Management Bureau, Dept of Trade & Industry.

He is an advocate for Families and sits on the Board of Family First Singapore and Pamilya Muna Pilipinas (~ Family First Philippines) who exist to strengthen families, thereby strengthening communities and their nations : Strong Families, Strong Nation. He worships at Faith Methodist Church.

Talking Business Sense

23 November 2020
@ Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church
(4 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579792)

If you were thinking about starting a business or if you are a seasoned entrepreneur or investor, how would you know if someone is talking business sense? How do you control a business conversation such that you extract sufficient information to make an informed judgement about the business? How do you know if the business is viable? Asking the right questions matter. These questions bug you and you are never sure that you have covered all the grounds. You need a systematic framework to ask the right questions.

Join us in “Talking Business Sense” where you will learn to use a proven framework to ask the right questions.

TRAINING FEE: $100 per pax

Trainer’s Profile:

Dr Jeremy Gwee
Director & Principal Trainer, ITOL (Asia)

Dr Jeremy Gwee is director, principal trainer at the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) Asia and representative for Asia for ITOL (UK). Prior to his current role, he was in banking and financial services for 38 years. He hold a doctorate in transformational leadership and is also trained in positive psychology, neuro linguistic programming, LEGO Serious Play and a certified Gallup coach in Strength Finder and Business Profiling.  

Micro-Entrepreneurship in a Digitalised Economy

23 November 2020
@ Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church
(4 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579792)

With the rise of digital platforms, it has made it increasingly cheaper and easier for individuals to kick start their micro-businesses, known as the Freelance or Gig economy. This includes home bakers, urban farmers, tutors, consultants, etc. Such ventures enable the individual to pursue their passion, have flexible work hours, and provide additional financial stability. This workshop aims to help participants explore these ideas and be equipped with the necessary tools to kickstart and launch their businesses online. 

Participants at this workshop will learn: 

  • To brainstorm suitable micro entrepreneurship ideas with their current skill sets and expertises  
  • To set up and launch their e-commerce store on Shopify 
  • To generate sales and leads through Facebook and Google Advertising 
TRAINING FEE: $100 per pax

Trainer’s Profile:

Wayne Wee
Product Strategist | Investment Analyst | Entrepreneur
  • Business Development Manager at Breathonix 
  • Ex-Product Manager Intern at Shopee
  • Interned in Porifera Inc, a Silicon Valley startup, for 12 months
  • Bachelor of Engineering with Honours (Distinction), NUS, 2020 
  • Stanford Entrepreneurship Studies, SCPD Program, 2019

Taking the Challenge: From Employed to Self-Employed

23 November 2020
@ Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church
(4 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579792)

4th Industrial Revolution. Gig Economy. A Post-COVID-19 New Normal. Come learn how to navigate this disruptive and volatile landscape of employment by setting up a side-hustle while holding or seeking a job. In balancing the two, you will develop a livelihood resilience to many challenging circumstances in life.

In this workshop, you will:
  1. Compare and contrast between the employed and self-employed mindset;
  2. Learn the regular habits of the self-employed;
  3. Cultivate your self-employed persona for side-hustle/gig;
  4. Deploy your self-employed mindset while holding onto or seeking a job.
TRAINING FEE: $70 per pax

Trainer’s Profile:

Tard Lim
Entrepreneur, EmoCode Hacker,

Tard Lim was senior management in the marketing technology industry before his full-time faith ministry with ex-offenders. Tard now helps clients hack their EmoCode, develops livelihoods for communities and is a Kingdom VOJCE (Vocation, Occupation, Job, Career & Employment) evangelist. 

How You can Make a Social Impact as an Entrepreneur

23 November 2020
@ Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church
(4 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579792)

How do our social and cultural backgrounds impact how we work with our employees and our communities? What kind of understanding and insights should we adopt so that our organisations can flourish?

Find out how you can make a social impact as an entrepreneur in this training and MAKE the impact!

TRAINING FEE: $70.00 per pax

Trainer’s Profile:

Dr Clive Lim
Managing Director, Leap International
Partner, V & C Capital

Dr Clive Lim, serves on the board of TeleChoice International Ltd. (Singapore). He was the founder and first president of TeleChoice. He started the firm in 1999 and took it public in the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX) in 2004. TeleChoice has over 2,000 employees spread throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore.

He is also the managing director of Leap International, a family investment firm (Singapore). A partner in V & C Capital, a start-up investment firm based in Singapore.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, he worked in Fuji Xerox and Motorola Electronic in Asia.

Dr Lim holds a Master in Business from Asian Institute of Management; Master of Arts from Regent College (Vancouver) and Doctor of Ministry (Leadership and Business Ethics) Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (U.S.A.). 

He is the Visiting Associate Professor of Marketplace Theology at Regent College (Vancouver) and sessional lecturer at Biblical Graduate School of Theology (BGST). 

Impacting People and Performance through Enterprise Coaching

23 November 2020
@ Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church
(4 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579792)

MasterCoach ‘Enterprise Coach Trainer Programme’ (ECTP)

The MasterCoach Enterprise Coach Trainer Programme (ECTP) equips growth-focused leaders and people development professionals as catalysts for change and as Certified Enterprise Coach Trainers to offer and deliver a first-of-its-kind workplace coaching programme to progressive organisations wanting to build high performance coaching cultures. Our programme is powered by the world’s first workplace coaching app and our field-tested 3D coaching methodology designed for the busy manager. 

The ECTP is a Train-the-Trainer Certification Course which comprises of an onsite 3-hour seminar followed by 3 online group coaching sessions:

  • Seminar (23 November, 1:30-4:30pm) On-site at  Zion Bishan BP
  • Group Coaching Session 1 (4 December, 9am-12pm) via Zoom
  • Group Coaching Session 2 (10 December, 9am-12pm) via Zoom
  • Final Review Session (14 December, 2-4pm) via Zoom
Rewards & Benefits of the MasterCoach Certification:

(+) You will be equipped as a catalyst for change, with the skills and technology to help leaders in your network, organisation and community become confident performance coaches to their people and teams.

(+) You will be well-positioned to champion the coaching way of leadership in the new generation workforce.

(+) You will be a part of the MasterCoach network and community of coaching leaders and facilitators, who continue to explore synergies, share ideas and collaborate with one another.

(+) By adding the app-powered Enterprise Coaching Programme (ECP) to your training repertoire and professional toolkit, you are differentiated and can offer a tech-enabled, sustainable leadership solution to benefit your clients and their organisations.


ECTP is a Recognised Course under the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP).

S$1,500 per pax (after discount =$1,200)*

*20% discount for participants who sign-up through Entrepreneurship Training platform.

*Includes:  1 onsite webinar and 3 online sessions totalling 11 hours, all facilitation materials & certification as an Enterprise Coach Trainer.

Visit MasterCoach WEBSITE

Attend a complimentary Info Session and hear from the Founders about getting certified with MasterCoach as an ECT

THUR 29 Oct 2020

Trainer’s Profile:

Lai Wan Chung
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, MasterCoach Institute

Wan Chung is an organisational psychologist with 10+ years serving at a regional director-level in learning and talent development.  His career spans all three sectors – private, public and non-profit.

As Regional Learning & Development Director at a global FTSE100 organisation, Wan Chung led multiple portfolios including talent development and acquisition, performance management and employee engagement across 12 countries in Asia.

Prior to that, he served in an equivalent role at one of the largest global development and humanitarian NGOs (World Vision International).

Wan-Chung takes a hands-on approach, and personally designs and delivers leadership development programmes which won him a global HR award. He actively coaches executives and leaders, and has equipped over 1,000 leaders across the Asia-Pacific region in three languages.

Wan Chung is a member psychologist with the Singapore Psychological Society (SPS) and the International Society for Coaching Psychology (ISCP).  For him, coaching is ultimately about creating a ‘sense of safety’. When people feel safe, they take risks, say ‘yes’ to who they are, and do their greatest work.

Trainer’s Profile:

CM Loke
Co-Founder & Chief Coaching Officer, MasterCoach Institute

CM was a trained mechanical engineer in his earlier career life, who knew in his heart that his greater destiny laid beyond the realm of physics, systems and mechanics – in the world of people, culture and transformation.

In preparation for his next season, he equipped himself with an MBA in enterprise innovation, and was subsequently appointed Vice-President of Leadership Development at Eagles Communications, a 50-year pioneer consulting firm based in Singapore that’s devoted to growing leaders in a changing world.

CM’s expertise in systems and heart for empowering people provided the unique inspiration and architecture for a piece of coaching technology – the MasterCoach App. Together with Wan Chung, they took MasterCoach from the drawing board into the Apple App Store.

CM has consulted with major corporate and non-profit organisations, providing leadership and coaching training. A key highlight of his career was coaching 30 community-based managers from World Vision International (Vietnam) over 6 months. Another was partnering the Managing Director of the Heritage Hotels Group (New Zealand) to create a common language of shared values and equip every key manager to embrace coaching as an essential management and life tool.

Business Culture and Opportunities in Phnom Penh

23 November 2020
@ Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian Church
(4 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579792)

This course hopes to cover the areas that the course title suggests: an introduction to Cambodian Culture, Business Culture, and Business Opportunities in Cambodia, especially in Phnom Penh.

Reasons for considering Cambodia as an entrepreneurial option include extensive business opportunities, missions/ministry, relevant skills, affordability, and its urban setting. Other added incentives for consideration may be a strong Singapore presence in Cambodia reflected in our strong bi-lateral political relationship, an established Embassy, a long standing Singaporean church/NGO presence and of course the existing business community, and least of all, I too will be returning and relocated there again shortly to facilitate any willing ventures. I hope this will set you thinking an interest for venturing into this land of fertile opportunities.

TRAINING FEE: $70.00 per pax

Trainer’s Profile:

Dr Kevin Lowe
Tentmaker, Cambodia

Kevin Lowe was an ordained Minister with The Methodist Church in Singapore from 1994-2006 and a missionary to Cambodia with The Methodist Missions Society from 1998-2006. He graduated with B.Div (Trinity Theological College, Singapore 1994), M.A. Evangelism and Missions (Cliff College Sheffield University UK 2004) and completed Doctor of Ministry (Asbury Theological Seminary Kentucky USA, 2007).

He was a tentmaker from 2006-2013 and is now a successful business owner in Cambodia. 


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