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We are looking for a full-time National Director to lead and manage the work of SCGM, which is to catalyse the national missions movement in Singapore and beyond, and to serve the local churches in missions mobilisation in the 21st century.

The Strategic Thrusts of SCGM are:

  • Strategic Thought Leadership in Global Missions
  • Contextual Missiology and Innovation in Asian Contexts
  • Glocal (Global & Local) Initiatives and Consultancy for Best Field Practices
  • Missional Mobilisation through Strategic Partnerships with the Local Church

The National Director will:

  • Work with the Council on the details of how the Strategic Thrusts are to be achieved, and see to their implementation.
  • Represent and promote SCGM in the mission community in Singapore.
  • Build and lead the team of SCGM staff and volunteers, including ensuring that the SCGM office is well-run and managed.
  • Network, collaborate, and form partnerships that further SCGM’s Strategic Thrusts.
  • Lead the fund-raising work of SCGM, together with the Council.

The National Director must be:

  • A mature Christian with a passion for mission and a heart to promote mission in Singapore.
  • A networker and team-player: Able to build partnerships and work with churches, missional organizations and individuals on a missional journey, represent SCGM, and work with stakeholders and supporters.
  • A strategic thinker.
  • A team-leader: Able to lead and manage the SCGM office and staff, recruit volunteers, and work with stakeholders.
  • A learner: Keeping up with the latest mission trends, and willing to acquire new skills and knowledge.

* Job posted on 20 April 2023
* Packages and remuneration will be discussed with applicants separately

At SCGM, we seek to be strategic, to encourage connection, to push for growth in missionary training, and to promote mobilisation in the local churches for missions.

We seek to provide services for the Christian community through strategic thought leadership for churches and agencies in missions trends, research and practice.


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