IMPARTING A VISION OF JOY AND HOPE In partnership with Perspectives Course Singapore SYNOPSIS When we think of the word “missions mobilisation”, it is easy to think of mobilising people towards a specific work or project. In some ways, this is the easier task. But there is also a need for “prophetic mobilisation”, a term […]


SYNOPSIS Undivided Witness is a written publication which presents ten key principles linking community development and the emergence of vibrant communities of Jesus-followers among the ‘least reached’. This April, SCGM invites David Greenlee (author of this book) and Cameron Willett, to share about the best practices of community development drawn on decades of serving and […]


Synopsis Why do we need to think about and do an ‘Asian theology’? Isn’t what we already have fixed and sufficient? Engage in stimulating conversations with our local theologians and missiologists, and also our guest speaker Dr Peter KimSon Nguyen, who recently published Cultural Integration and the Gospel in Vietnamese Mission Theology, at our March […]


Synopsis What is God doing in Asia? What lies ahead for the Church of Singapore on mission in the decades to come? Over the first two Missional Breakfast Fellowships of 2021, we will hear from Asian Christian thought leaders as they share their perspective on missions in Asia, in conversation with people representing our next […]

DAY 1: Salvation of Asian Elderly Parents

My parents’ generation of Asian Chinese descent had always perceived Christianity as a “Western religion” even though God’s desire in 2 Peter 3:9 is for people of all races and cultural groups to be reconciled to Christ. I had been mindful of the cultural context of my parents’ generation in my evangelistic outreach to my parents (who only understand Mandarin and Chinese dialects) for over more than twenty years.