DAY 20: Divine Presence to the Very End of the Age

The Great Commission has spoken to many women and men with a passion for global mission over the centuries. It ends with a beautiful promise by Jesus: “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” This is much more than a “BTW” (By The Way) or a “P.S.” It is a word from God to His people that, as we go about His Kingdom Business, we are assured of Jesus’ presence, protection, provision and power.

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DAY 19: Pray Without Ceasing

In 2001 a group of us were fellowshipping after SCEM (SCGM as it was known then) Monthly Breakfast Meeting. We agreed that it was time to organise a National Missions Conference (which became the GoForth NMC from 2002). We formed an organising committee and started planning. The budget came up to $400,000. We started with no money and no bank account. The targeted date for the NMC was nine months away. We started praying.

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DAY 18: Rhythm of Work and Rest

“Thank God It’s Friday” (TGIF) is a common adage we hear as people look forward to getting some rest from the busyness of the week. It seems that this sentiment is the same for many Christians, etched in the fourth commandment, where work days appear to be nothing more than toil and necessary evil. Sermons usually focus on what we need to do on the Sabbath but never quite teach what we need to do on the other six days. How do we get this notion?

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DAY 17: Divine Fire as God’s Presence

You see, it was not too long ago that I embarked on a bold endeavour that might be described as ‘a mission on the far side of the sea.’ But that fire was quite quickly doused by the fearsome prospect of a long and arduous journey ahead. For who would embark on such an endeavour at the late age of forty-nine, even if the mission was to learn the ropes of spiritual formation in order to make a contribution in the pastoral enterprise.

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DAY 16: The Courtyard Fire: Gleanings for Missions

That fateful night of Jesus’ betrayal and arrest, Peter was on fire … on a mission for Him! A mission wrought with danger as he infiltrated the courtyard and possibly thought of rescuing Jesus (after all he had probably kept one of the swords!) Peter’s desire to showcase his love and loyalty rang out loud! Yet, a small courtyard fire – set up for warmth and light – unexpectedly and quickly extinguished Peter’s fiery and passionate bravado.

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DAY 15: You Are My Friend

Jesus’ ultimate motivation in this context is simply φίλους (philous), the beloved friendship that He longed to have with His disciples. ‘This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.’ (John 15:12) ESV. When I love my fellow mankind, the required commitment is the same as Jesus’ motive.

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