Entrepreneurship Training Day

Select 1 from 7 different courses. Training fees, duration and locations vary. Please click on respective courses below to find out more. Register by FRIDAY 20 NOV 2020 *Please note that the trainings will be held on-site at decentralised locations unless otherwise stated, and Safety Management measures will be implemented according to government and venue […]

Missional Business Forum 2020

As economic crisis looms in the wake of a pandemic and the missions landscape rapidly changing, there is massive opportunity to reach and serve the urban communities through entreprenuership in these times of great need. There is now a call to Christian business leaders to develop entrepreneurship to participate and uplift cities in Asia as a […]


DISRUPTION, CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY AND THE MISSIONAL CHRISTIAN Synopsis Throughout history, the people of God have experienced disruptions of all kinds – migration, war, famine, pandemics and even technological shifts. In face of these challenges, they have sometimes faltered, while on other occasions thrived and prospered. What spiritual principles and habits can we learn from them […]