Entrepreneurship Training Day

Select 1 from 7 different courses. Training fees, duration and locations vary. Please click on respective courses below to find out more. Register by FRIDAY 20 NOV 2020 *Please note that the trainings will be held on-site at decentralised locations unless otherwise stated, and Safety Management measures will be implemented according to government and venue […]

Missional Business Forum 2020

As economic crisis looms in the wake of a pandemic and the missions landscape rapidly changing, there is massive opportunity to reach and serve the urban communities through entreprenuership in these times of great need. There is now a call to Christian business leaders to develop entrepreneurship to participate and uplift cities in Asia as a […]


Synopsis Join us in conversation with 2 key leaders in creation care as they address the three fundamental aspects of our mission towards creation: How we THINK, LIVE and WORK as stewards of environment and priests of creation. The speakers will address the theological framework for creation care, the implications for lifestyle changes especially in […]


Synopsis The Church in Singapore is gradually coming to embrace the place of Creation Care in its Mission and Witness. But what does it look like in practice? How can churches, Christian community groups and individuals engage in Creation Care missionally?At this Missions Breakfast Fellowship, we will hear from and interact with a diverse range […]


SCGM conducted the National Missions Study in 2019, where one of the key findings concerned the “ageing” missions force. Since then we embarked on the Next Generation Missions Study (“Next Gen Study”), with a focus on addressing how churches can better mobilise, prepare and send young people for global missions. We are pleased to share […]


Experience 15 powerful lessons that have equipped thousands of everyday believers worldwide with greater vision, hope, and passion.  In Perspectives, scripture, history, culture, and strategy converge to reveal the unfolding of God’s redemptive purposes.  God is on a mission to bless the peoples of the earth, and you are invited to join Him. Due to […]

Missions Dialogue: Self-Sustaining Church Models

Synopsis The COVID-19 disruptions have surfaced critical issues in missions that underscore the importance of self-sustaining church models. How can mission communities use local resources to develop efficacious yet easily reproducible solutions for the local church? Come, listen and discuss with local pastors and missionaries from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand and be part of […]

Disrupting Church in the City – Returning To True Normal

Synopsis The definition of a “Christian” and “a church” is never complete without its relationship to the community as defined by the mission of God. In this series of missions breakfast talks in August and September, come engage with a variety of speakers as we address the theology and practice of incarnational witness in the City […]


DISRUPTION, CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALITY AND THE MISSIONAL CHRISTIAN Synopsis Throughout history, the people of God have experienced disruptions of all kinds – migration, war, famine, pandemics and even technological shifts. In face of these challenges, they have sometimes faltered, while on other occasions thrived and prospered. What spiritual principles and habits can we learn from them […]

Stories From the Field (II)

Synopsis In this second part of our Stories from the Field  series, we have invited 4 missions workers to join us to share about their personal experiences and lessons learned while serving in the cross-cultural mission field. We have sought a diversity of experiences and ways by which these workers have engaged in missions overseas. Read […]