Your Occupation and Your Destiny

The passage in Luke 5: 1-11 is about Jesus’ visitation to Simon Peter and his friends after a night of futile fishing. Jesus then called them to launch out again and there was a great catch. If you have been giving it all in your occupation and yet have encountered futility, get ready for a great catch (fruitfulness), as never before when Jesus comes on the scene. 

Notice two things, where did the visitation of Jesus take place? In the boat. What did Jesus do there? He taught the Word. I am more convicted that God is going to visit us even at the place of our occupation (the boat). I also believe that he will want to address us at the place of our livelihood and shape us for our eternal destiny.

Retrenchments have disrupted the security of many at work. Economic crisis has even put many previously prospering Christians into periods of “famine” in their business and personal lives. This can be a good thing as God is bringing a life-defining point for the people of God.  In this process, Jesus will want to visit with us, sit down and teach us. Let us be ready to be taught, no matter how tired, preoccupied or despairing we are in our work and life presently.

Jesus went on to bless the fishermen by bringing about a great catch that even broke the nets. Remember they had been fishing all night. Jesus told them to launch back into the deep and to let out their nets again. Despite stating the apparent futility of the effort, Simon still did what he was asked as he was obedient, saying “…at thy word, I will let down the net” (verse 5b). I believe Simon could only do this because he had listened to the teachings of Jesus earlier. He may have heard about Him but to hear his teachings personally is different. Something must have been deposited in Simon’s soul and spirit to make him obey a stranger, going against all his occupational experience and good sense of judgement.  

“And Jesus said unto Simon, Fear not; from henceforth, thou shalt catch men. And when they had brought their ships to land, they forsook all, and followed him” (verses 10-11). In that one encounter, when Jesus visited and taught them, they were blessed and changed in a deep fundamental way. There was now a new sense of destiny in their lives.  

I humbly put forward my personal opinion that the majority of Christians today identify who they are by the occupation they are in. The fundamental shift in the spirit has not even begun. They may be saved and may even be witnessing and winning souls. But it is very different than being in the father’s business first! Look at the immediate response of the disciples: they forsook all and followed him.  It is not to say that we are all to forsake our secular vocations. In fact God wants to transform secular vocations into spiritual ones where his anointing will be supernatural, manifested in our ordinary vocational lives daily.  

When we have been emptied, we are ready to hear His Calling for our lives.  A fundamental shift will be happening to many even in the marketplace today, including those in high positions. At that appointed life defining moment, their whole identity based on their vocational role will change. God will grant them a new identity … one that counts for God’s kingdom and for eternity!


DAVID KWEE is a founder & CEO of an Asian-focused institute with emphasis on lifelong learning, and applied knowledge. As a futuristic and forward thinking leader, David has been a key contributor to SCGM’s missional business thinking. He counts the most rewarding aspect of his work as simply seeing people become better than they were yesterday and believing that they can be better tomorrow.


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