DAY 10: What is in Your Hands? What is in Your Bank?

We begin this devotional by raising a simple question, ‘What would we think of an employer who sends his workers on an assignment but does not provide the means needed to accomplish the task?’ Would we say that he is a reasonable and therefore good person? When the Lord Jesus gave His Church the Great Commission, was He asking us to serve the Father’s will and glory with our own means?

DAY 9: Bear One Another’s Burden

Over the years I’ve come to learn that “fulfill the Law” is a rabbinic idiom that is found not only in Jewish sayings but even in the New Testament. Some suggest that Paul’s letter was an effort to communicate how complementary the Laws of the Torah and the Love of Christ were.

DAY 8: Burning and Not Burnt Out

My first mission trip was to Southern Thailand 40 years ago. Since then, by God’s grace and mercies, ministry has taken me to various destinations in Southeast Asia as well as further afield in China and India. Each trip was different, yet much similarities remain. If we opt for the “same old, same old”, then we will run the danger of becoming too familiar and begin to take things for granted.

DAY 7: Trusting in the Goodness of God

About 10 years ago, the Lord led me to reside in a town in the United States where guns and drugs ruled some of these streets. A group of young people from my church wanted to make a difference by organising a block party for residents in that neighbourhood again. I decided to join them in their efforts.

DAY 6: May Your Deeds be Shown to Your Servants and Their Children

As we celebrate SCGM’s 40th anniversary, we can thank God for His promised presence (Mt.28:20b) throughout these 40 years. Forty years is a good stretch, but still only half of an 80 year lifespan Moses envisaged in verse 10, and only a fraction of the 120 years Moses may have lived when he wrote this psalm. 

DAY 5: Driving across the African Country Roads

There have been many opportunities this year to reflect on the span of my life’s journey with the Lord. Among many things, I would like to recount an incident in which His divine protection was evident. God protected my husband and his vehicle load of passengers when it turned turtle.

DAY 4: How Do We Respond to God’s Call

I, like Moses, can often become so caught up in trying to understand my role in God’s plan that I miss seeing the fire of God. Keeping before me the wonderful reality that God Himself is acting with determined purpose to draw all nations to Himself, for His glory and for the good of the nations, is a constant challenge. We face a world of need, and that need can be overwhelming.

DAY 3: He will Walk with us to the End

Jesus loved the apostles. Although He knew their weaknesses and pettiness, he chose them. After choosing them, He walked with them. He talked with them. He taught them. He showed them great miracles. He showed them true compassion. Jesus was such a friend to the apostles. He is such a friend to us.

DAY 2: Following Jesus : What do we lose, and what do we save?

Mark 8:34 – What does it look like in real life to deny ourselves and follow Jesus? Other than dramatically abandoning careers and going overseas to become missionaries, which not all of us are called to, what does this verse look like for most Jesus-followers?

DAY 1: Salvation of Asian Elderly Parents

My parents’ generation of Asian Chinese descent had always perceived Christianity as a “Western religion” even though God’s desire in 2 Peter 3:9 is for people of all races and cultural groups to be reconciled to Christ. I had been mindful of the cultural context of my parents’ generation in my evangelistic outreach to my parents (who only understand Mandarin and Chinese dialects) for over more than twenty years.