"I am doing a great work
and I cannot come down"


“I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” – Nehemiah 6:3

The Bible is rich in biographical detail of the exploits of prophets and kings, men and women who could make heavens open in rain and slay giants with a sling and a stone. And we do associate with their journeys of faith, seeing parallels in our own struggles and victories. 

But there is relatively less written about the ‘project manager’ – the guy who may not have all the glamour of miracles and conquests, but just gets the job done. 

And that is why the book of Nehemiah is so refreshing! 

Nehemiah was a master project manager, tasked with one of the most important projects in the Bible – rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. And he proves to be the right man for the job, blending stakeholder management, project and resources planning, and people leadership as he sets about the task.  

His most important trait, however, shows through in Nehemiah 6:3 when he said, “I am doing a great work and I cannot come down.” 

The Wall is making a difference. And naysayers abound. A situation we are all too familiar with.

But Nehemiah is not easily distracted. He is focused and perseverant – “I am doing a great work”. He is decisive in dismissing – “…and I cannot come down.” 

What really stands out is the conviction that Nehemiah has about the task he has been assigned. It is all too common, among Christians, to not take centre stage, to not take ownership and credit for their work. They constantly position themselves as a mere vessel for channelling God’s work. 

Nehemiah is unabashed about claiming his territory. “I am”. “I cannot”. Neither does he seek validation from the naysayers, nor does he position this as “God’s work” to deflect the attention from himself and invalidate the naysayers. He takes their comments head on and dismisses them as distraction from his work.

All of us are called to our very own purpose and projects. And I believe that we are required to take them on with the same defiant aplomb that Nehemiah does! 

We are co-pilots, not mere passengers, on the important projects that we are meant to make a difference with. And Nehemiah demonstrates that we need to take ownership and be active stewards of that which we are called to do.  


SANGEET PAUL CHOUDARY is the best-selling author of Platform Revolution and the founder of Platformation Labs. He has advised the leadership of more than 35 of the Fortune 500 firms and has been selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. He was keynote speaker at SCGM Urban Missional Business Conference 2016.


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