Bear One Another's Burden

My journey to missions began with a single verse, 

“Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” – Galatians 6:2

I remembered being so inspired by this verse when I was a young adult 13 years ago. How simple, that as we serve one another, we fulfill the law of Christ. This was how I began serving in children’s ministry as a worship leader and in young adult ministry as a cell leader. I discovered missions when a friend invited me to Xining, China and I fell in love with the people there. That was how missions became so important to me, and it eventually became an integral part of my life.

Over the years I have come to learn that “fulfil the Law” is a rabbinic idiom that is found not only in Jewish sayings but even in the New Testament. Some suggest that Paul’s letter was an effort to communicate how complementary the Laws of the Torah and the Love of Christ were. He beautifully encapsulated the fulfilment of both the Laws and Love of Christ into a single phrase: “Bear one another’s burdens”, or simply serve one another. An assurance indeed, for believers to serve one another bearing the image of Christ. What a powerful way to exhort believers in Galatia towards mission!

Whether in local or overseas missions, I have come to discover the simplicity and the depth of such an idea. I must first understand what my friends’ burdens are before I can serve or carry their burdens meaningfully. As we stay faithful to our mandate, exercising such openness enables us to connect and collaborate in unimaginable ways.

I had the privilege of speaking with incredible people at SCGM, pioneers who have served faithfully for many years. These humble individuals not only served in many nations but sought to enable others meaningfully too. SCGM’s work has enabled the national Church to understand the vulnerable and their burdens better. I believe that more will be enabled to serve in missions too.

Similarly with a loving Messiah who so humbly came to our world simply to serve us, may we bear Christ’s image as we faithfully serve one another, in our prayers, with our resources and efforts.

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KENNETH HENG  is the Founder of Solve n+1, an organisation that facilitates social innovation for vulnerable communities. Since 2018 Kenneth and his team serve communities mostly within S.E.A, running projects relating to urban poor. He is a member SCGM Council since 2020.


40 FRiends of SCGM have been invited to take part in our 40-Day Devotional Project to help raise funds for SCGM’s 40th Anniversary. Each day starting 20 November 2020 to 31 December 2020, SCGM will publish one devotion written by our 40 FRiends in our FundRaising effort and celebration of God’s goodness and provision over the last 40 years!

Through their devotional reflections, we pray that our FRiends of SCGM40 will bless and encourage many to reflect upon God’s Presence, Protection, Provision, Purification and Power in Missions.